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Angiographics rents the Lumenis SLT Laser to ophthalmologists at rates that make sense for any size practice. Whatever your treatment volume, our billing system will allow you to offer SLT to your patients:

Selective Laser Trabeculoblasty (SLT) has become a new standard in the treatment of open angle glaucoma. The SLT laser, unlike argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT), is reported to cause no thermal damage to the trabecular meshwork. SLT, therefore, can be used with patients who have exhausted their ALT treatments and, theoretically, can be used repeatedly if the patient continues to derive a benefit. Furthermore, studies have shown that nearly 50% of glaucoma patients are non-compliant! SLT can offer these patients an added level of protection.

SLT is a Medicare approved procedure that may be appropriate for patients who show progression despite maximum medical therapy, those suspected of noncompliance because of financial or memory issues, or even as a primary defense. The procedure is performed very much like ALT, it is fast and simple, and is reimbursable using CPT code 65855.

Scheduling: Angiographics brings the SLT laser to the physician's office on a prescheduled 1/2-day basis. On our first visit we provide a full in-service. On subsequent visits our technician remains with the physician as needed. The SLT attaches to a Haag-Streit 900 slit-lamp, or equivalent (e.g., many Topcon, Marco, etc). We can arrange to bring a slit-lamp if you don't have a compatible model.

SLT Billing Information

We bill for the service on a sliding scale where the per-treatment fee drops to $30/Rx after 8 Rx. This fee structure allows low-volume practices and practices just starting with SLT to offer their patients SLT with no financial risk (since our fee is always well below the medicare allowable). Practices with higher volumes will be able to reduce their per-patient cost to a level well below that of owning an SLT unit.

The fee for the visit depends on the number of procedures performed during the visit. The sliding scale visit fee schedule is detailed in the table below:

Number of RXTotal Visit FeeMedicare Reimbursment
9+$700 +$30 per add'l Rx$3,257.37 + $361.93 per add'l Rx
*Rates are for 2012 Metro Boston; other areas and carriers may differ.

For example, if only 1 procedure is performed during a visit, the fee will be $250 for the visit. The visit fee for 8 Rx would be $700; after the first 8 Rx, the visit fee increases by only $30 for each Rx. Therefore, a visit where 10 Rx are performed would be $760, and a visit where 15 Rx are performed would be billed $910.

Click here for a printable PDF of our price schedule.

Our program saves you the costly capitalization, maintenance and risk associated with purchasing a laser. An annual SLT service contract alone costs about $7,000, more than most clients will pay us in a year! Many of your colleagues and their patients are already benefiting from our SLT program. References are available upon request.

SLT Links

Here are some links to information about SLT - indications for SLT, how to perform SLT, etc.
Please remember that these links take you from the Angiographics website to the listed websites.

Lumenis Supplement to Ophthalmology Times Europe: A Decade of Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty
This is a 12 page PDF file that covers the why, when and how of SLT. On page 4 there is an excellent gonioscopic photo comparing SLT spots to Argon spots. The photo also shows how SLT spots should be spaced.

Latina Video Lecture on SLT (on OphthalmologyWeb)
This is a 25 minute video of Mark Latina, inventor of SLT, discussing the procedure.

Overview of SLT at Lumenis Website
This provides good general physician information from the Lumenis website.

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