Why Outsource to Angiographics?

  • Immediate profits. When you buy an expensive piece of equipment, you don't see any profit until you have paid it off, usually 2-5 years! Only after the payback period do you see any real profit. But when you outsource to Angiographics, you profit from the first patient, and you know exactly how much profit you are making every step of the way; there are no hidden labor or maintenance costs.
  • Technical Expertise. We provide the trained technicians - among the most experienced in the business. Because of our experience, we can get better results in much less time than your in-house staff. When you use Angiographics, you will never again have to train new staff on complex equipment... over and over again. In addition, you will save your patients the steep learning curve needed to master most of these technologies.
  • Reduced labor and benefit costs. The true cost of in-house staffing is about 50% more than their salary alone, not even counting training and human resource management expenses. Using Angiographics eliminates all of these partially hidden costs. And with Angiographics, you are protected from having to retrain personnel when the trained staff leave your practice
  • No maintenance costs. The average laser needs expensive repairs within 5 years. Replacing a laser tube (or crystal) usually costs more than $10,000! When you use Angiographics, you never have these surprises.
  • Efficiency. Because our technicians are expert in patient management, you can comfortably schedule more per hour. For example, we can do four angiograms per hour when most practices can only do one or two. And the patients find it more comfortable because we get optimal results with less work on their part.
  • Professionalism. Our technicians are trained to blend seamlessly into your practice and to impress your patients with their skill and knowledge. We provide added value to your practice.
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