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Angiographics will bring state of the art Argon and YAG lasers to your office or hospital on a prescheduled basis. All lasers are set up and tested by our skilled technicians prior to each session to ensure they meet manufacturers' specifications. At hospitals, our technicians stay to assist during the laser treatments.
All lasers are maintained under service contract.

Why Rent?

Renting is much less costly than purchasing, considering the average number of patients treated monthly. Plus, you are spared the added costs of maintenance, the worry of obsolescence, and the loss of valuable office space. Let us show you why renting is always a better value than owning a laser, no matter how long you compute the payback.

Emergency service is always available to current clients.

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Office Rentals

Angiographics will deliver Argon and YAG lasers on a pre-scheduled basis to your practice. Our technicians set up and test the lasers before each treatment session to assure parfocality, optical alignment and appropriate power. We provide a comprehensive laser "in-service" to the physician and staff and make certain that everyone involved is comfortable with the equipment. Laser lenses necessary for most procedures are provided.

Office Rental Rates

  • One Laser (either Argon or YAG) - $495 per ½-day rental
  • Both Lasers (Argon and YAG, same visit) - $695 per ½-day rental.

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    Hospital Rentals

    Our laser service is entirely risk-free for your local hospital, because the hospital is able to bill third party payers in excess of our charges. Our service can even be a revenue generator, requiring no capital outlay or personnel expenses. At the hospital, we set up and test the lasers before each treatment session to ensure you and your patients consistent, reliable service. Our technicians stay to assist with patient management and monitor the lasers during treatment. We provide the laser lenses necessary for most procedures.

    Hospital Rental Rates

  • Argon Laser - $185 per patient treatment
  • YAG Laser - $235 per patient treatment
  • Discounts are available when the Hospital contracts both lasers.

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    Office or Hospital?

    There are reimbursement considerations in deciding where to perform ophthalmic laser procedures. Some procedures are reimbursed more by Medicare when performed in the office than in the hospital. It makes sense to perform these procedures in your office. The difference in reimbursement is enough to cover our rental fee after only a few patients; beyond that, each procedure performed means increased revenue. Our service pays for itself many times over.

    Other procedures are revenue neutral: you receive the same reimbursement wherever you perform them. You may prefer to do these at your local hospital.

    It is very confusing for most practices to keep track of which procedures have these "site of service" differentials or to make a cost/benefit analysis. Let us help you analyze your laser utilization and determine how best to maximize your reimbursement.

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    Laser Lenses

    Argon Lenses
    3-Mirror, 1-Mirror Gonio, Rodenstock Panfunduscope or Mainster Wide Field, Abraham Iridectomy, Hoskins Suture Lysis
    Nd-YAG Lenses
    Abraham Capsulotomy, Abraham Iridectomy

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