Angiogram Interpretation Service

We now have two interpretation services:

1) for Angiogram Processing clients
2) for the Angiograms we shoot in New England.

Our Interpretation service for Angiogram Processsing clients works as follows:

The day we receive your film we will process and forward it to Johnny Justice, Jr. Mr. Justice will perform the interpretations and return the films and interpretations to you. The only fee we charge for this service is $2 to cover a portion of the cost of sending the results UPS to Johnny. This charge is per-shipment, NOT per-roll (i.e., you pay the same $2 charge for any number of interpretations). Johnny Justice will charge you his customary interpretation fee plus his mail charges.

Our Interpretation service for the patients we shoot in New England works as follows:

The day we receive your film we will process and forward a print to our Board Certified Retina Specialist (affiliated with Harvard Medical School). The specialist will Fax angiogram interpretations directly back to you within 48 hours.
The Curriculum Vitae of our consulting specialist is available upon request.
Our fee for this service is $50 for both eyes, including the fax cost, and is independent of our angiogram processing charge. The fee for one eye is $35.

Please notify us if you are interested in either service, so we can set up your account properly.

(Angiographics, Inc., takes no responsibility for the recommendations or descriptions in the interpretations. We are acting solely as an agent between your practice and the provider of the interpretations)

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