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HRT optic nerve tomography has become a major weapon in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. The HRT is able to provide quantitative analysis of the nerve fiber layer and cup, as well as perform comparative analyses on followup visits that can highlight progression.

The HRT has advantages over other optic nerve analysis modalities. It registers and aligns each topography image to all preceding images, and the number of data points measured is much higher than other modalities. Therefore, changes in disk architecture and loss of neural rim are detected earlier and with greater reliability. In addition, studies have shown that HRT detects glaucomatous change prior to detected changes in the visual field.

The following video shows a series of HRT topographies on one patient over a 6 year period. You should replay it several times to see the full extent of the changes. Note the neural tissue loss and vessel shift along the superior, nasal and inferior margins:

The HRT software detects these changes which might be overlooked by examination or other glaucoma analysis modalities. The HRT reports clearly show and graphically represent the tissue loss.

How our service works

We perform HRT Optic Nerve analysis either in your office or at your local hospital. HRT studies usually do not require dilation and are fast and comfortable for the patient (some cataract or miotic eyes may need dilation). You can schedule 6 patients per hour.

Using Angiographics to provide HRT in your office is desirable for many reasons: Angiographics' technicians are expert at maximizing the quality and reliability of the HRT scans. There is a fairly long learning curve associated with obtaining accurate topographies; with Angiographics, you get top quality scans with the first patient examined. In addition, our technicians are expert in patient management: your patients will be impressed by our knowledge and professionalism.

As of Jan 1, 2011, the medicare fee for HRT is being reduced. The CPT code will change from 92135 to 92133 and you will no longer be able to bill separately for each eye! Unless current requests for revaluation (by the America Glaucoma Society and others) are successful, the 2011 Medicare allowable (greater Boston) will drop to $50.79 OU. Pending revaluation, our 2011 fee to the physician for HRT exams will drop to $25 OU.

Despite these changes, with our service you can still offer HRT to your patients:

For most practices the point at which owning would create more profit than using our service is nearly 10 years!

Visits are made on a prescheduled, predictable basis (e.g., the second and fourth Tuesday morning of each month). Therefore you can schedule your patients reliably and without delay. Please be advised that we are currently running a nearly full schedule.

Angiographics' reputation for excellence, professionalism and reliability is well known among the New England ophthalmic community. We hope you allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in serving your practice.

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Angiographics, Inc.
Phone 617-964-5067
Fax 617-332-4530

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