A brief history of Angiographics

Mark Bernstein, C.R.A., and Martin Rothenberg founded Angiographics, Inc, in Boston in 1980. Previously, they managed the ophthalmic photography department of one of the country's most prestigious clinical and research retina groups: Schepens Retina Associates. Angiographics brought technical skills from the urban teaching centers to the broader New England ophthalmic community. Angiographics started by offering mobile in-office Fluorescein Angiography, but quickly expanded to include Nationwide Angiogram & Color Slide Processing, Mobile Ophthalmic Laser Services and HRT Optic Nerve Galucoma analysis. Mark and Martin continue to be active ophthalmic photographers in addition to their administrative duties.

Angiographics technicians are all highly trained and skilled in their applications. They average over 20 years experience.

Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Rothenberg have been published in the Journal of the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society and provided principal photography for numerous ophthalmology publications and textbooks. We have lectured on ophthalmic photography, photographic principles and angiogram processing to both Ophthalmic Photographers and Ophthalmic Technicians, nationally and in New England. We are members of the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society. We are longstanding exhibitors at and supporters of the New England Ophthalmological Society and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Martin Rothenberg and Mark Bernstein both had extensive photographic training before becoming ophthalmic photographers, and still enjoy fine-art large format photography in their very limited spare time.

Angiographics Photo Supply, Inc, was founded in 1986 by Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Rothenberg to offer ophthalmology the same kinds of technical support and discounts available to commercial photographers. In 1988, Angiographics Photo Supply introduced Angiolith Premium Film, revolutionizing the printing of fluorescein angiograms by offering a film perfectly suited to angiography at about ½ the price of existing products. Angiographics Photo Supply continues to provide full technical support and the lowest prices in the industry. In addition to Angiolith, we distribute Kodak, Polaroid and PrintFile products. We actively seek out reasonably-priced products that uphold the high standards of ophthalmic photography. Unlike other dealers, we sell only products that we have fully tested specifically for ophthalmic photography, often on thousands of our own patients. We use the same products we sell.

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