Angiolith Premium Film

The industry standard for fluorescein angiogram transparency prints

Angiolith has become the standard for fluorescein angiogram transparency prints since its introduction at the OPS annual meething in 1988. Angiolith was brought to market specifically for the ophthalmic photographer - to provide a premium film of uncompromising quality which, by virtue of minimal marketing and promotional overhead, could be offered to the ophthalmic community at significant savings. Angiolith performs as well as Kodalith® or Fine Grain Positive® for about ½ the price, and its versatility allow you to fine tune it for contrast and density. It is compatible with all processing modalities: trays, tabletop processors, or rapid access machines. It works with a multitude of developers, including Dektol, D-11, and Polymax.

Angiolith features the following characteristics of particular interest to demanding ophthalmic photographers:

  • superb tonal quality
  • broad exposure latitude (reduces time-consuming reprinting)
  • versatility - flexible contrast gradient
  • reduced pinholing
  • A 100 sheet box of Angiolith sells for $65.00 for 8x10 and $69 for 8½x11 formats. A busy angiography department can save thousands of dollars annually. Angiolith is being used by ophthalmic photographers from Maine to Hawaii, Puerto Rico to Alaska. We are hopeful you will join the ranks of satisfied customers.

    Kodalith Film

    Kodalith film is no longer available. Kodak Polychrome has closed the Kodalith factory and moved the emulsion coating equipment to Mexico. At present, there are no plans to revive the Kodalith brand. Should Kodalith become available again, we will offer it.

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